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The Rebounder’s spoon shape design flows gently down the furrow, not disturbing the soil or creating any additional compaction around the seed. The spoon shape design gradually narrows as it drops below the top soil surface to follow the U shape that is created by the STP double disc openers.


The distinct half moon notch on the bottom tip of the Rebounder allows it to run 3/8″ off the bottom of the furrow. Because the Rebounder does not drag the bottom of the seed bed, it will not drag seeds or build up with mud.


The Rebounder funnels seeds to the bottom of the seed U furrow, eliminating seed bounce, seeds flipped on top of the soil, and uneven spacing. It produces uniform seed placement and accurate depth control. This leads to improved germination and consistent emergence, generating higher yields through healthier plants.

Rebounder WAVEVISION Seed Tube

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