Fitment: (2 Blades / One Row) ( Blades come assembled ready for Installation)


15.00" Blade Qty: 1 Blade Left hand

15.00" Blade Qty: 1 Blade Right Hand





- Forged Heavy Duty Double 204 Roller bearing


STPS SERIES: ( Shallow Planting , Rocks , Sand)

STPS stands for Sabre Tooth Planter Shallow . The next generation of Planter and Seeding blade are here, with Prescription Tillage Technology's STP series blades. These revolutionary Planting and Seeding blades are capable of running in challenging soils, residues and climate conditions. These Furrow opener blades create optimal seeding conditions with its agronomic geometric tooth design by:


-Rotation and cutting action.


-Decreased sidewall and furrow compaction.


-Granulation of moist soil into furrow by increased soil flow, achieving maximum soil to seed contact.

Monesum STPS Series NG Series (Matched Set)

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